Few Notes to Satisfy Your Curiosity...

We tested it with so many operation systems (Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, etc.); so many browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.); so many service providers (TTNET ADSL, KABLONET, ULAKBIM etc.) that we finally decided to end the beta testing (by the way, we recommend Safari for the Mac OS X and Explorer for the Windows users).

Now you are on your own with all those OS, network and Java problems, TAYGIS Version 6 released to your use. Of course, we will keep the development going…

So, what will you find in this version?

264 Palaeolithic,
315 Neolithic,
1018 Chalcolithic,
2020 Early Bronze,
837 Iron Age,
110 Greek-Roman sites;
378 Byzantine Buildings;
583 Natural Caves
211 Other and
129 Museums...

81 provinces,
19 rivers,
824 lakes,
4276 roads. ..
And a topographic map!

On the TAYGIS page, in the layers section on the left, you will a ‘Topographic Map’ layer. When you click on it, an underlying topographic layer will appear. Now you will be able to search and display settlements/buildings on a topographic landscape.

For the Byzantine buildings of Istanbul, after a certain zoom level, a ‘Historical Peninsula’ map background will appear; so don’t be surprised ;-))

Also, when you choose some settlements and buildings, you will see on the ‘Attribute Table’ a settlement code (Y_NO) of ‘0’; you will not be able reach those sites (for the moment) from the TAY databases .

If you encounter any problem with display of layers, please reload the TAYGIS page (http://TAYGIS.TAYProject.org/TAYGIStr.html) (reload) (alt+reload) .

And lastly, for more information on the TAYGIS, please click on the question mark at the upper right of the TAYGIS page to read the help document.

May your Java be up-to-date and your network connection swift…


..and some graphics to interested people (Only for 4273 settlements and buildings published in TAYGIS v.6):

Ages / Periods:

Destruction Types:

Settlements Types:

Buildings Types: